Episode 36

Published on:

16th Aug 2021

Realizing Your Purpose Can Lead To High Performance

Operating with high performance allows you to:

  • Connect with your higher purpose so that you discover your unique contribution to the world
  • Develop your brand in congruence with your purpose so that it attracts ideal opportunities
  • Perform at your highest level consistently so that your contribution has a massive impact
  • Take your brand to the peak level so that you are financially rewarded for your contribution
  • Center yourself on a daily basis to maintain inner peace so that you are continually recharged while fulfilling your purpose

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About the Podcast

Zen Bites
Mindfulness for High Performers
Zen Bites blends ancient wisdom with business providing mindfulness based self care tips for high achievers (entrepreneurs and other leaders) working in stressful environments, empowering them to be centered, focused, and on purpose. Guidance on integrating authenticity into business practices is also provided as a powerful stride in decreasing the chance of burnout.
Additionally, sometimes high achievers are disguising high functioning anxiety, unbeknownst to them. Regardless of the origin of your high achievement, this podcast serves as a guide to relieve stress and anxiety to sustain your high performance while maintaining your health.

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Shayn De Mur

Shayn De Mur’s purpose is to create a psychologically safe space for high achievers who seek personal development and spiritual sustenance that centers them so that they can align their purpose and their brand.